I probably make more bowls than anything else and, mostly, I prefer uncluttered designs as I hope these examples show.

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* An exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed for items made to order because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.

Pair of matching Beech bowls
Wax finish

The smaller of the two was made from the wood in the centre of the larger bowl, using a device called a ‘bowl saver’ which enables it to be removed in one piece. The underside of each bowl has been textured with concentric beads, and stained a transparent black. The interiors are left the unchanged colour of the natural wood making it appear that each one is a bowl within a bowl.

Large approx 300mm dia x 100mm (12 in x 4 in), Small approx 250mm x 75mm (10 in x 3 in)

£285 Made to order*


Singapore Bowl
Wax finish

Inspired by the Singapore balls I make, (see ‘Other pieces’) this bowl was a big challenge to produce. It is made from birch ply and the retracting points are ebony. The interior is black and the rim decorated with a design of interlocking circles with black segments. You will not see another bowl like this one!

250mm dia x 125mm
(10in x 5in)

£275 In stock now



Bowl & Chain
Wax Finish

This large bowl was made from sycamore and then bleached white to increase the contrast with the links of the ball and chain which are turned from solid ebony.

340mm x 70mm
(13½in x 2¾in)

£130 In stock now


Brown Mallee Burr, double bowl
Wax finish

Brown Mallee is an Australian tree and its burrs are much prized for the tightness of the grain and the hardness and colour of the wood. The paler wood on the underside is the sapwood of the tree and still carries the external surface of the burr. It sits on two elm feet.

285mm L x 140mm W x 50mm H
(11¼in x 5½in x 2in )




Birch ply, English elm and ebony
Wax finish

An attractive Bowl made from birch plywood laminated with English elm (The two darker brown strips) and ebony veneer.

290mm dia x 50mm
(11¼in x 2in)

£75 In stock now



Wax finish

The deep carving and scorching on the outside of this bowl help to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood which shows on the inside. Taking a blowtorch to a bowl like this is an act of faith, but it has worked well in this case.

270mm dia x 90mm
(10¾in x 3½in)

£195 In stock now


Oil finish

Made from a very attractive and unusual piece of sycamore the creamy yellow colour and interesting grain pattern of this bowl make it look very good.

300mm dia x 50mm
(12in x 2in)

£75 In stock now


Horse Chestnut, painted and stained
Acrylic finish

Shortly after starting this bowl I realised that the wood was badly discoloured and would not look attractive when finished. Tempted to simply throw it away, instead I decided to colour it - inside and out - to hide the poor colour of the wood itself. This is the end result - as near to woodturning bling as I’m ever likely to make, but very pretty for all that! The inside, not shown, is stained a deep ‘royal purple’.

240mm dia x 85mm
(9½in x 3¼in)

£280 in stock
here will only ever be this one!

Wax finish

Walnut is a beautiful dark wood which grows all over Europe and this piece of English walnut is lovely.
A simple design with a raised bead around the outside to set it off.

230mm dia x 65mm
(9in x 2½in)

£70 In stock now

Wax finish

Laburnum trees are usually quite small, but they can grow into very large specimens if conditions are right and they are allowed to do so. This bowl is made from just such a large tree and is bigger than most items made from laburnum. Carved and scorched like the elm bowl above.

270mm dia x 50mm
(10¾in x 2in)

£95 In stock now

Mostly Sycamore
Wax finish

Making the decoration on the rim was my chief reason for making this bowl which featured in the Jan 2014 issue of The Woodworker. The bowl is sycamore and the rim contains pieces of ash, elm, mahogany, and some other species. Unfortunately the rim has developed a hardly noticeable downward curve and this has been reflected in the price

300mm dia x 50mm
(12in x 2in)

£45 In stock now

Various small bowls
Wax finish

L to R, the timbers are roupala, also known as lacewood, bubinga and English ash.

The bowls are all approximately the same size and are all the same price

Approx 140mm dia x 50mm high

£25 each

Mostly Mahogany
Wax finish

Made using similar techniques to Mostly Sycamore (above), this bowl incorporates the same mixture of different woods, and also a different design to prevent the rim curving down.

33cm dia x 6cm 
(13in x 2½in)

£95 In stock now

* An exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed for items made to order because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.