I like making boxes. They are quite challenging and a good use of some smaller pieces of timber. A well-made box is a great source of satisfaction and, made in a number of different timbers and styles, boxes can show almost infinite variations.

Why not contact me with your own design and let me make the box you want in the timber of your choice?

Clicking on an image will display a detail of the piece.

* An exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed for items made to order because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.

Spinning top boxes
Wax finish

When removed the top will spin, like a spinning top. When in place it can be used to hold rings etc. These examples are made from a variety of native timbers with spires made from more exotic woods.

The bog oak is approximately 3000 years old and is a little more expensive owing to the scarcity of the material. The box (second right) has a tiny prehistoric wormhole through the side.

A satisfied customer recently commented ‘Absolutely love the spinning top. The balance is perfection - lovely antidote to technology games’

Approximately 5cm dia x 4cm (8cm to top of spinner)
(2in dia x 1½in, 3¼in overall)

£45 (Bog oak £55) Made to order*

Apple boxes
Wax finish

Ray Key showed me how to make this apple box when I won a course with him at La Moulin de la Materette. This particular example is in Padauk. The larger picture shows boxes made from Padauk (closed) and Bubinga (open). In both, the stalk is made of Ebony. Timbers may vary with availability.

6½cm dia x 7½cm (not including the stalk)
(2½in x 3in)

£75 each  Made to order*

Oriental boxes
Wax finish

The shape of these boxes reminds me of oriental spires and minarets. This design is owed entirely to
Chris Stott who has written an excellent book on boxes. These examples (L to R) are made from Wenge, Folo & Ebony and Cherry (open).

Sizes vary, but are around
5cm dia x 10cm tall
(2in x 4in)

Prices vary according to size and timber from

£40 to £55  Made to order*

Acorn Boxes
Wax finish

These particular examples are made from Yew, Mahogany with Ebony stalks. Timbers may change but the 'nut' will always be pale and the 'cup' will always be dark. A lady who purchased one recently emailed to say The acorn arrived this morning and it is absolutely beautiful, just what I was looking for...I will know where to come when I want something special in the future.”         I’m pleased that she liked it.

4cm dia x 7cm (not including stalk)
(1½in x 2¾in)

£55 each  Made to order*

‘Elegant’ boxes
Wax finish

Very attractive small boxes and another of Chris Stott’s designs, the one on the left is made of Yew with a Purpleheart lid and Ebony knob, whilst the one on the right is t'other way round, Purpleheart with a Yew lid. When they see Purpleheart for the first time, people often ask if the colour is natural - well, yes it is. Timbers may vary with availability.

4½cm dia x 5½cm
(1¾in x 2¼in)

£55 each  Made to order*

Other boxes
Wax finish

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and this selection illustrates the point. Those shown here are made from (L to R) Elm, Yew, Zebrano, Sycamore & Wenge and the ball box is Purpleheart.

Various sizes

Prices around £45
Made to order*


’Bunny’ box
Oil finish

This highly unusual box stemmed from my habit of cutting up bowls and joining the pieces together in odd ways. Once I’d got the basic idea, the ‘bunny’ emerged fairly naturally. Signs of a mis-spent youth, perhaps. The box is bleached lime with ebony eyes and painted birch stand. To open the box, the bunny’s face is removed.

Base 13½cm x 10½cm, x 25cm tall
(5¼in x 4¼in, x 10in)


* An exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed for items made to order because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.